Vivetta spring 2019: sugary and sweet

Vivetta is followed by those who like the most direct features of femininity well-balanced with a sense of humor that filters its more childlike ideas – frills, sugar-coated subdued tones, decorated collars that have become a signature, kitschy decoration.

It is, as you could assume, a delicate path, not only in the most obvious sense, but also in the most dangerous one since falling to the bad side of things is just one extra lace appliqué away. This time, you could pass forward those satin dresses with the aforementioned detailing or the triple layer of ruffles in tops that, without irony, would be fit just for fantasy. What is left is the provincial tops and skirts that are a hit this season, but worn seperatedly, natural landscapes over intricate lacework and those beaded and battered jeans to avoid any risk of becoming a moving tapestry piece. Just like sugar, consume in moderation.

All photos taken from NowFashion >>>

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