Jeremy Scott spring 2019: politics made personal

Jeremy Scott
recovered a series of polaroid selfies from the 1990s and had it as ha s starting point to reminisce about youth power, from him and from his brand, for spring 2019.

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For that, the always upbeat streetwear of the north-american designer went to war with camouflaged prints, words of resistance (political and personal) stamped on sweatshirts (and accompanied by his name) and a military cartoon Coyote indicating the worst of (US) times.

Sport also entered the ring with detailing from American football, basketball and high boots for physical combat. Suddenly, Pikachu was there – it’s original game is also about fighting, after all. Counting his personal battles, Jeremy raised the flag on his final entrance with a very direct message against the confirmation of Brett M. Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.


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