Is he some kind of superhero?

I was walking along the street today- I ended up crashing the motorbike into the Dior salon- and an incredibly short man wearing a suit came up to me. “Karl, could I take your photo?” he asked. (…) I said: “who the hell are you?”

The man was taken aback by this. “I, well, I am The Sartorialist” he said. “So you’re another one of those superheroes?” said I, “we’ve got enough of them, you know. We’ve got Batman, and Superman, and Spiderman (although I think he mostly does office work these days)- all of them. Anyway. What is your magic power?”

“I can take photos.”

“You can take photos! My my my,” I said attempting to put on a southern accent whilst sounding like rubber bent around a tree.

“Not just any photos. I take The Sartorialist (TM) photos.”

HAHA a história continua no blog (fake, mas ÓTIMO) do Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide to Life.

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